Quality Remanufacturing, LLC

Remanufactured Starters, Alternators & More

After almost 40 years in business Quality Rebuilders closed its doors, which became an opportunity for their former employees to take part in automotive remanufacturing industry. Two former employees opened Quality Remanufacturing,LLC and was able to make a deal with Quality Rebuilders and keep about 60% of an original workforce. This move was very important to the quality of remanufactured produscts.

QR is fully operational as of August 1st, 2015 when they continued in re-manufacturing only starters, alternators, power steering pumps, rack & pinion, and gear boxes. Unfortunately Quality Rebuilders did not wanted to take the deal on their CV Axle and Brake Caliper part of their business at that time.

But, the good luck was still on Quality Remanufacturing, LLC side and as of November 1st the deal was sealed and Quality Remanufacturing,LLC now operate all aspects of re-manufacturing of all product lines including Cv Axles and Brake Calipers and Heavy Duty Air Brake Calipers.

All orders are pulled from shelf inventory
Unlike most electrical, axle and rack suppliers who build for orders, we maintain an inventory large enough for the biggest order or the most severe seasonal trend.
Special orders shipped UPS same day
Units are sent direct to your customers with a minimal fixed UPS charge. This will cover everything from the occasional odd ball to the popular part number that is simply out of stock.
Import parts are our specialty
While most suppliers treat import as a sideline, it’s as important to us as the domestic portion of our line. The same high quality and order fill are maintained.
Quality Remanufacturing writes its own catalog
Listings are later and more accurate than our competitors who borrow Lester or some other catalog. It is also a good indicator that we are serious about our business.
Extreme high quality
In an industry loaded with “paint and pray” rebuilders who make false and deceptive claims, we have a proven commitment to quality that is reflected in our consistent customer satisfaction.
Financially sound
This is an important and often overlooked factor in the selection of a supplier. Our principal is heavily invested in his company and the company is relatively debt free. This allows Quality Remanufacturing to continue its aggressive campaign of growth and longevity. It also assures good business practices.
Quality representation
Quality reps tend to be remanufacturing specialists and are tuned in to clinics and frequent jobber calls. Factory assistance is always available.
Careful inspection
and assembly during the entire process insures that quality is built in every unit every step of the way. Our quality doesn’t begin at the end.
All components are carefully matched
to the proper units and assembled using new parts that meet or exceed OEM specifications and recycled parts that have been tested to exceed OEM specs.
Environmentally Friendly
Parts are cleaned with environmentally responsible methods. Inspections are a constant part of our operations. Automobile parts remanufacturers were one of the first recyclers.
EVERY unit is tested
to meet or exceed manufacturer’s specifications using state of the art testers to check every function and component after final assembly.
Attractive Packaging
Our new multicolored box has set the standard for remanufacturers. (No plain brown box for us). The new multicolored lithographed box tells you that a superior product is inside. Our new part number label has an easy to read part number and bar coding. Private labeling is also available.
Bills and credits are issued the same day
Cores and defects are written on Quality paper work (or the customers, if that is their choice) and credit is issued on the same day that the order is delivered.
With all the reasons for carrying the Quality line it would seem that our prices would not be competitive. The fact is that all this is accomplished while maintaining the most competitive pricing structure in the industry.